Foursquare account help - Wanderlust Project


I’m not sure if anyone else has had this problem but I can’t proceed with the Wanderlust Project because I can’t sign up for foursquare. I live in England and it won’t let me enter a UK address as it insists on a state. Is there anything I can do so that I can continue with my project? I know Codecademy is based in the US. Could I maybe use an office address.

Thanks in advance for any advice offered :blush:

Hi @sab1995
have you tried to fill in anything like a region and was it rejected?
I can’t remember having any difficulties with a german address. Just typed the city name in both the city and the state input field and it was fine.

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Yeah I tried just re entering my city in the state box and it rejected it. Thanks for the reply btw :+1:t5:. I’m gonna try again and see if it hopefully works.

Ok. Maybe you could just try to use another browser. Sometimes I observe weird validation differences in different browsers and especially between mobile and desktop browsers. Good luck with that or just move virtually to the US…

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Yeah different browsers didn’t work but I took your advice and used a fake American address! :joy:


Hi there,
Maybe I arrived too late, I had the same issue from France.
I managed to create an account by logging in with Facebook. Hope it can help !

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Oh man you are a real lifesaver
I think it’s a really stupid site why should I write the city name in two box it’s very stupid and it’s works fine

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