Found a bug in Don't Sink My Battleship, 11. Danger, Will Robinson!


In the exercise Don't Sink My Battleship part 11Danger, Will Robinson I've found small error.

If you don't add the last line print_board(board) to show the new grid with the X, the code still works fine and lets you continue.

Replace this line with your code.


What is the error,.? and code..!!


Do you have a problem, though? And nothing is perfect. :slight_smile: Cut Codecademy some slack.


No, no problem. I know nothing is perfect, but everyone should always want to find issues and strive to improve. For the life of me I couldn't figure out how to inform Codeacademy of this, so I posted it here. For the most part they want you to read and follow instructions exactly, and well forgetting a line of code seems kinda like a big deal. I do understand though as the lessons get more complicated there are more ways to do them and they become exponentially difficult to check accuracy.

Happy Coding!!!


I'm glad you understood, and sorry if I came on too harsh. I agree completely:

Happy coding! :slight_smile:

-- @chipjumper36731


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