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I was trying my hand at the Fotomatic project and noticed something… then submitted a bug report as follows:

"I humbly suggest a review of this project, comparing the design specs, the solution code, and the working version of the final product (especially these last two), as there seems to be quite a few differences.

Just to be sure, I copied/pasted the CSS from the solution and then inspected the different screen sizes in Chrome DevTools, and the result is different from the specs.

I was really enjoying this project, but the inconsistencies confused me more than helped. Please forgive me if this a result of my limited perception as a newbie :)"

Then I came here to the forums to see if the mistake was mine. Turns out there’s a 2020 post about this, i.e. no answer was provided by Codecademy for this issue, for two years now…

I get mistakes are made by everyone, don’t get me wrong. But it’s quite frustrating to attempt a project with these many inconsistencies in the solution. Also, it would be nice if we could track our bug reports to see if/when they’re examined, so to avoid persisting problems like this one.


I’ve moved this into the #community:codecademy-bug-reporting section of the forums as that’s the most appropriate category. It looks like it was reported back then too, but hopefully moving it into that category will bring a little attention to it now as well.


Please remember that Mods and SUs here are volunteers. We do not work for CC.

Also, this is the form to submit a bug report:


Thank you! Now I’ll post bug-related content in the right spot.

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Noted. I’ve submitted a bug report through the link you listed. Thanks for the help!

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You’re welcome.
Make sure that it’s not a code error and that
You’ve used the Troubleshooting guide.

Also, remember to be as descriptive as possible when reporting issues.
Web browser
Operating system
Link to the exact page
Screen shot
Steps to replicate the issue