Fotomatic Repair Incorrect Solutions

Hi guys, just wondering if there’s something I’m missing or if these solutions are out to lunch. Long story short, I was looking at the solutions versus the design specs and in the first section alone, the positioning of neither the top or left is correct. In the design spec, it shows 170 up and 100 left, where in their solution its 171 up and 135 left. I have yet to continue but I’m going to imagine there’s many more issues, considering when I googled this project, it seems to be plagued with many other issues.

I was hoping to give CodeCademy the benefit of the doubt on this project but I’m unsure. Can anyone confirm? Or is there something I’m missing?

Project in question:


Hey I looked at it and I agree it’s not entirely consistent with how the design specifications were laid out. It looks like they tried to make it more responsive by using a percentage for left and the top is in fact off by 1px. I would suggest submitting a fix so that there’s less confusion for others.

Thanks for the input. Should I just post a fix here or is there a proper section?

Honestly Codecademy should scrap this project with how much is wrong with it. Between dimensions, and then asking for certain ratios which ultimately lead to be impossible to fulfill with their given pixel dimensions, this project is littered with faults. Not only frustrating to attempt, but frustrating to preserve through hoping that at some point it’ll be able to be ironed out.

Solution for the web section. Moving on from this project.

Sorry for the late reply. Yeah, it’s frustrating but at least you’re getting to the level that you’re able to critique your curriculum. Some silver lining at least.

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