Fotomatic Project

Hey Guy how are you?
I’m really struggling with this project. I can’t open on my vscode, tells me that the index.html file cannot be open since it’s not binary or text encoding it’s not supported.
Can you help me? Thanks

hi @marco_87 ! welcome onboard to Codecademy’s community.

To help you better, I’d need you to elaborate your problem through various medium so the community can better understand the details of the issue you’re facing.

Hope my explanation are clear.

Cheers to learning!

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Yes, this is how it looks when i open the folder in Vscode and i paste the url on the browser


I believe the error you’re experiencing could be formatting issue.

When you first load up your project on VScode, it doesn’t recognized the file format hence you can do it by changing the mode from " text " to " html " by pressing (CTRL K+M) or (CMD K+M) for mac.

Hope it deciphers your issue.

In the end i had solved just clicking on the file with the mouse and opening with Vscode without loading from Vscode directly. Thanks for the hint, next time i will do in this way!

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