Fotomatic Project

Hello, i am new to codeacademy i am really stuck at “Fotomatic Project” from the Skill Path
#Build a Website with HTML, CSS, and Github Pages, yet i dont understand what i must do…It gives us the html code ready? and we must Code for the CSS from scratch?Pls help me cause i am so confused about it an i really want to move on and get it pass <— the link to the exercise

In this project you will fix a broken version of a responsive website called Fotomatic. You will update it to look and work exactly the same as the specs do.

You don’t start from scratch for this project, the goal is to practice debugging the CSS. Open the first copy of the code they give you in the browser, and look at the spec. It doesn’t look right, correct? Your job is to find the errors and modify it until the page matches the spec.

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Ok thank you for this answer! So i also open the style.css of the same start file and modify the CSS within, so it looks like the end product , if i undrstand correctly. Thank you in advance :smile:

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