FOTOMATIC project help please

im stuck at just getting the style sheet linked. i dont see what im doing wrong.

Hi @botosaui,
It looks like you might have too long of a link for your stylesheet.
Try changing the link to just be:
The rest is not necessary for this to connect since you can link it relative to the index.html file in the way I suggested above.

thanks this id it. im sorry though why didint it work?

I’m sorry, can you clarify your question please?
I am not sure if you are asking about the original version or the second one not working.

sorry, im asking my why original link did not work. it seems to me it was MORE precise.

No Problem!
The first one didnt work because you were asking it to link to a place that didn’t exist in the computer’s view. All of these links are relative to the file you are working out of. What you asked in the original code was:
-find the folder ‘capstone…’ under the folder the index.html is in. That does not exist as it is actually the containing folder for the whole project.

The best rule to remember is you want to show where a file is relative to the current one. The link tag is to show the relationship between files, so you need to show the direct path to the file from where you are, not where it exists within the project folder.


ok, thank you much for your help

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