Fotomatic project, full-stack career path

Full-stack career path. Fotomatic project.

See my code on GitHub:

Instructions available from CC here:*MTY1MzkzMDM4NC4xMDAuMS4xNjUzOTMwMzkwLjU0

I cannot for the life of me figure out 2 things:

  1. Why the ‘features’ section isn’t displaying correctly (everything seems too big) and is overflowing the screen to the right.

  2. Why the images in the ‘filters’ section are not shrinking to display 100% of the images.

I’ve looked at the solution code and can’t see anything that I need to add.

Any help greatly appreciated 🙂

I feel your pain 'cause I have been there. I think you should reset the img size by “max-width:100%”