Fotomatic project frustration

I’ve been barreling through the full-stack course here and am really enjoying it. However, this Fotomatic project is super frustrating. The lessons that Codecademy has provided up to this point have done little to prepare me for the project. All the of the display and positioning properties I’ve learned are useless in the exercise in favor of properties that don’t come until future lessons. I was so excited to start this as I’ve felt I thoroughly grasped what’s been taught up to this point and couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into a larger project. Instead, I spent an hour beating my head against a wall and another half hour copying and pasting code that I haven’t learned yet.

I understand the need to look outside of Codecademy for additional resources, but those additional resources are basically the entirety of this project. It really makes me wonder why they didn’t present a project that’s doable with the skills that it has focused on for the last dozen lessons or so.


Same here! I’ve been on this project for over a week now because I was determined to see it through but it just made me hate coding so I’ve decided to give up. A similar thing happened previously to me where they quizzed me on a bunch of topics before they’d even given me the lessons on them - so frustrating. Hopefully they’ll teach us what we need to know and then maybe we can go back and try again later…!

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Yep, the ideal place for this project is at the end of module 4 (Making a Website Responsive). I decided to come back to it once I finish the 4th module.

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Agree with most of this, fortunately it took me about 10 minutes to make the decision to come back to it once I’ve been taught some of what I need to know.