Fotomatic Project - am I supposed to teach myself flexbox?

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I had a question regarding the Project: Fotomatic from the “Build a Website with HTML, CSS, and Github Pages” course.

Am I supposed to be teaching myself the flexible box model even though it is the subject of the next lesson in the course? I don’t understand why the code isn’t working and I see that the “display: flex” property is used 12 times in the code provided to use in the project.

I understand that the point of this lesson so far has been to look up things I don’t know using documentation but… this seems like more than just looking up a single property I don’t know.

I found only one other topic referring to this question and no one responded to it before it was closed automatically. (Link)

Is there anyone else who has completed this project who could confirm whether I need flexbox to properly complete the project? I have spent a lot of time trying things out and I would rather not look at the solution ahead of time and spoil my learning on the rest of the project just to get this answer.

Thanks for any help!


I’m not sure if the intention was to limit you to one type of style to complete the task here. For other projects I’ve come back to them and solved them using different techniques.

As for this particularly project… you could solve it with or without flexbox. The techniques they give you should be enough. Although to be honest if you already a little about flexbox it would be ok to solve it that way. The question really depends on how much you want to challenge yourself with CSS. I was never much of a design person so for me it’s usually – whatever gets the job done (and looks good). However, if designing with CSS is something you’re into, then yes it makes sense to challenge yourself and solve it multiple different ways.

PS: I highly recommend Kevin Powell’s youtube channel for CSS concepts. Whenever I need to solve something with CSS it’s my go-to reference.

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Thanks toastedpitabread!

As you said, I was unsure of their intention. They included the flex property so many times that it seemed like they intended me to extend what they already had in order to complete the project. I wasn’t sure if I should just clear it all out or not.

It looks like the system allows me to skip ahead to the flexbox lesson however (which I was not aware I could do earlier) so I think I will do that and then come back to treat this as an extra project to practice that concept.

Thanks again for the response!

Edit: And also for the YouTube recommendation!

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