Fotomatic (or Fotomat) Project

hey, hope you all are doing good.
i just completed my fotomatic project.
but i am facing problem on github. My images aren’t showing up when i am opening my website with github.
can anyone help me out?
Github- Rawxdev/

Is your Fotomatic repository public? I just saw your GitHub and I don’t see the project. Go to general settings and on the bottom change it to public.

it is public.

Ok, so I would recommend using the same folder structure in your project (i.e. same as you download the project folder). And for the images use a relative path (e.g. src=“./resources/images/filter-1.png” ).

Use this as a reference for the organization and the paths for your images.

I see that you have an HTML and a CSS file belonging to the Tea Cozy project. Delete them.

Hope this helps!

okay thankyou soo much.

Hey, first post I think. At least in a forum about a specific project to show off my stuff

I think the hardest part of this project was figuring out what was broken and what was just incorrect due to the spec sheet being off

I tried updating the desktop, tablet, and mobile versions, but I played around with the code and I’m sure there were a few things I unintentionally made more complex than it had to be.


I do have one issue I couldn’t figure out. For some reason, and don’t know if this appears for you, the entire html had this small margin on the left and right instead of just being filled 100%. I know how to fix it, but I was wondering if it was default on anyone else’s project code files.

Anyways, let me know what you think. Really glad there were a few posts within the last few days too.

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It was really difficult. This project pissed me off.

But I finished it:

p.s. Guys, however, this project will teach us something new.

To display the background-image correctly on all devices, add this:

/* #sign-up-section */

background-position: center;
background-size: cover;
background-repeat: no-repeat;

And yes, this was the default for everyone in the project - html small margin on the left and right .

Hi. My name is Nii Ayite from Ghana. The project was really hard, but I was able to do it.
Link: Fotomatic

After working on it for a while , searching and comparing to other codes heres my solution.
I had a scrolling problem on mobile view the body content fit 100% width but it would still scroll to the right with white space. only way was able to fix it was putting overflow-x: hidden; inside the body tag. if any had a better solution with scroll please let me know.

Did u finish it at least?

I’m glad I decided to check the forums. The “solution” misses quite a bit of the spec. I thought I was going crazy. I should’ve trusted my instincts on this one.