Fotomatic off-platform project

I’m currently busy with:

My only problem is that I don’t know which app to start this on: I’ve tried VS Code but it isn’t working. Do forgive me if this is a silly question, but which app should I start this project on and which method do I use to open it (the files/folders)?

Thank you.

VSCode is a good editor to work on.
What do you mean by ‘not working’ exactly?
In the instructions for this project it says that you’re supposed to fix the broken code, therefore an initially not working code is expected…

VSCode definitely works for this project.

It should just be as simple as file → open to open the files for editing. You can just open the files in firefox/chrome when you want to see the current state of the website.

There’s ways of viewing your changes live, but if you’re having difficulties, just open them in vscode to edit, and open them in a web browser to see the changes.