Fotomatic off platform project mobile view

Hello everyone.
I am currently attempting the fotomatic problem which at first was very frustrating bu thankfully I am making really good progress.
My question is when i click the link for how the finished website should respond to different screen sizes and open chrome devtools and then I resize the page for mobile view all the content after the header is pushed to the left.
has anybody else had this problem?
everything looks great until i get down to 570px in width.

link to finished website: Fotomaticofs1nl_gaMjYyNzk0MzIwLjE2Mzk1OTczNzA._ga_3LRZM6TM9L*MTY1MTY3NjA3MS42MC4xLjE2NTE2NzYyOTEuNTg.

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