Fotomatic finished project

My final version.

I'm currently studying the Full-Stack Engineer course and I just finished the Fotomatic project.

Looking at the link to the finished page, I realised that it did not fully follow the image reference, so in the end, I decided to follow the image for my project, as it seemed a bit more challenging.

It took me a couple of days and I can't see any issues anymore, but it might just be me, so if you see or notice anything odd, or have any feedback, please, feel free to point it out.



GitHub Page


If you don't want to see a list of the errors I found, don't look at my repository README.


This is a fantastic solution! I feel you have taken much more trouble than the person who created the “solution” at Codecademy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I must admit I lost patience with this project but I’m sure you’ve learned a lot more that I have, having done such a thorough job. Two tiny details I noticed are that the font for the logo was a monospace font and the quotation was centred on the design spec.


Thanks, yes I’ve learned quite a few things going through this project, mostly regarding CSS but also chrome dev tools and formatting .md files.
I totally miss the alignment of the quotation, thanks for that, as for the font I actually did it on purpose, since there was no written instruction about the font for that element, and the rest of the page was entirely in Roboto, I just decided to go that way, especially after realising that the image reference and the actual site example had quite a few discrepancies.

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Grateful to you! I’ve just tweaked my own code after looking at yours. Great catch by @sophocles99 on how the Roboto Mono font should actually have monospace as its backup, not sans serif. I wouldn’t have thought to have gone into the HTML file and fix the meta tags and such in there if I hadn’t looked on the forums, I was purely working in the CSS file. Million thanks, both!


Good evening,

I’ve completed the Fotomatic project, which you can find HERE This project is quite old there was not any another information about the web. The big suprasing for me that there was not meta tag of the viewport.

I would be grateful if you could provide any feedback on the project.

Here’s my finished project. I tried following the specs as opposed to Codecademy’s “final working version” of the site–as the two are very different.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Live site

Github repo

Excited to be done with this project and move on to others. :partying_face: Happy coding :slight_smile: