Fotomatic - Even the solution code won't work!

Hello everyone,

First, sorry for my bad english, second:

I downloaded the “broken code” from the exercise “Fotomatic” (responsive design css), and when I tried to make the header’s desktop version disappear on mobile size (max-width: 450px), and to make the mobile version appear, it was not working… I was looking at different devices under 450px width in the “inspect” of chrome and firefox but it was not working… when I changed 450px to 1000px, it was good… After 2 hours, I decided to look at the solution code, and I have found out… that even the solution code won’t work!

Take a look… here is how it should be the header on mobile size:

And here is the solution code (look at the inspect on iphone and other devices under 450px)

I also uploaded the solution code on a hosting, and I was looking at it on my own Iphone X which has 375px width, and it was not working… So I think that there is a huge problem with the solution code.

Or… am I wrong? I don’t think so… How can I report this problem to the staff?

Thanks in advance, happy coding ! :slight_smile:

When I look at the image, it appears to me that it is a square, and not really a banner. I think you should change the size of the image and get rid of the unneeded whitespace. See if that works.