Fotomatic debugging challenge

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

I had a question concerning the Fotomatic CSS debugging project. When you encounter such a case of debugging, do you usually create a new page (or complete new site) or do you “update” the available code?



Neither. Use version control (like git or other tools).

Loose explanation of version control:
So let’s say I have my code in a state i know it works. I “save it” as version 1 (git does this automatically when you commit). I do some more work and before saving I notice it doesn’t work. So here there’s a bunch of strategies one can do, but a simple one is to branch off into an alternate copy of your work (git does this automatically). Now whatever things you do to debug can be done with the comfort that you can always return to your saved version 1 state. You can even save the changes you make to each bug individually and keep track of them that way.

Only caveat is that git can be tricky to learn. But there are good resources out there. See the link.

This has been a paid advertisement from git (this is a joke):


Thank you for sharing this information! :slight_smile: I will check out your link so I can start working on the project :stuck_out_tongue: