Fotomatic css not working?

Hey, just a quick one regarding the Fotomatic project. I am currently using VS Code, i seem to be able to edit the html but when i make changes to the css they don’t appear in the browser? I was trying for a while before getting annoyed and downloaded the solution, copy and pasted in into my VS and ran it and still no changes? could it be something im doing wrong? Thanks!

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Hello @chip1767129858!! Welcome to the forums!!

Could you please post your code using the format button at the top of the reply creator.

It looks like this </>

If you need help it is usually good practice to post a link to the exercise you are stuck on, if you are stuck on one, and a copy of your code.
These will enable forum users to better help you :grinning:

I am having similar issue. I wish there is help on way on the project Fotomatic. I have spent two days without getting result. here is my VScode path.C:\Projects\Hello World\Fotomatic.html.
Here is the link to the broken code, file:///C:/Users/conni/AppData/Local/Temp/Temp1_capstone_fotomatic_start%20(3).zip/F1C1_start/index.html#.

Hey @course0509112323 :slight_smile:

As I previously said, posting your code, formatted, will be very helpful with troubleshooting, and I may be able to spot the problem.

Could you also post the link to the lesson, I can not test it because I don’t have a pro account, but someone with one can.

Also no one can test your broken code path, as it is specific to your computer.

Here is the link please.
Here is the path to my code. Its not showing the full path so I am posting two. Thanks.
C:\Projects\Hello World\Fotomatic.html

Hi, thanks for going email. I have just replied you at the forum.

I have sent the link to the question, the broken code and what they said should be the answer. The issue is like that answer has no images linked to them.