Fotomatic_broken project question

Good morning,

I am beginning the fotomatic_broken project and looking at it is a little intimidating from the start, but what is throwing me off is that it includes 2 stylesheets. I have followed the link in the reset.css notes at the top, and read through that but I am still not understanding where to begin or why this is not on one stylesheet. Doesn’t that make it harder to keep up with? I would appreciate any help on understanding this.

Link to project page:

screenshot of the reset.css

screenshort of style.css

Hello there

Don`t worry too much about the two stylesheets. reset.css is there just to set some properties to zero and none so that the page displays the same on different web browsers. You will probably change some of these properties on style.css. Your corrections will be made on style.css and html.css.

Doesn’t that make it harder to keep up with?

Sometimes it can help having the css code in different files. For example, in this case it allows code (reset.css) to be reused.

I would recommend you working one section at a time, using the sections already defined by the comments. That is what I did.

Hope it helps!

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Thank you for your guidance, that helps!