Forums Update, March 2017

Hello Community!

We’ve listened to your feedback and made a few improvements to our forum, with design, organization, and functionality. We’re excited to share them with you! Keep reading for a rundown of the changes, or explore the site yourself.

In celebration of these new changes, Codecademy Staff hosted an “ask us anything” session on March 24th - check it out!

##Improvement 1: Design
For the past year and a half, our forums homepage had this design:

As of today (the 23rd of March 2017), our forums homepage looks like this instead:

We think that these CSS stylings and HTML structural changes make the forums more engaging, readable, and a little bit more Codecademy.

##Improvement 2: Organization

Until last week, we had almost fifty categories in these forums, individually covering each course, which meant multiple categories on a single subject. Instead, we now have one category for each subject, and multiple subcategories within to cover individual lessons. This way, it’s a lot easier to find what you need, and to ask more general questions about things like HTML and CSS.

##Improvement 3: Functionality

The biggest change that we’ve made to our forums’ functionality is the ability to upvote topics. Now, it is easier to find the most useful content and surface it to other learners.

Upvote a topic:

Sort by votes:

As you familiarize yourselves with the new forums, we’d love to hear your feedback! What further changes should we make? Tomorrow (Friday March 24th, 2017), join the Codecademy team in our Corner Bar for an AMA, on our forums or on any topic related to Codecademy or coding in general. If you miss that AMA, just reply to this topic with your feedback - we’ll still see it!

To close, I’d love to thank our Moderators for providing their time and expertise in making these changes happen, and in volunteering their time to help their fellow coders.

Finally, our thanks to you all for making this community what it is! Over the past year we’ve almost tripled in size to now have just under 1,500,000 users here, and the best times are still ahead of us!