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Topic: Forums Background Color

Requested change: Background Color


At current, the background color for the forums appears to be completely white, #FFFFFF. This color is by no means a bad choice and suits the forum page well, however there are certain things that cannot benefit from the brightness of the page.

Examples are:

  • Horizontal rules
  • Color Highlights
  • Block quotes
  • Preformatted text / code backgrounds.

Simple changes to this could be to darken the color of the examples above. But thinking more than that, in my opinion the entire forums should be just a few shades darker to have a longer forums experience. I personally cannot spend to much time on this site without taking a break due to the intensity of the brightness. I will however take it with a grain of salt. I understand this is probably the way the forums is supposed to look, and changing it could cause some problems with the user-base(E.g. Negative feedback, or further problems could arise that haven’t been accounted for).

Description of Change in Feature:

Changing the color of the Forums to a slightly darker shade of grey (E.g. #EEEEEE, or #F2F2F2) could be beneficial to users that are on the forums for long periods of time. Sparing eyesight and headaches, this could allow further concentration in getting users their information in a more direct manner.


  • Longer consecutive use of the forums for long term users (Major)
  • Higher quality of posts over lengthy periods of time. (Minor)
  • Greater post utilization of features. (Minor)


  • Possibility of users being apposed to the change (Major)
  • Would also need to change the examples in the summary to a darker shade to compliment new forums color. (Minor)
  • Color schemes around the forums would need to be changed to reflect the new background color. (Minor)

Do you want to see this in CodeCademy?

  • Yes this would be awesome!
  • No, I like the way it is!
  • I really don’t care.

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Additional Remarks:

The Change itself is relatively minor but it could do great things for long term users of the forums. I am sure others also feel similar to myself after hours of answering questions. Thank you for your consideration. -Alex

Discourse actually does have a poll thing:

And once I get some more time, I’d be happy to work on your suggestion for Codecademy Redesigned (a browser extension that restyles certain parts of Codecademy) if Codecademy won’t do it themselves :slight_smile:

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Fantastic! This will definitely be utilized!

@lolman Working on it right now. How’s this so far?

#FAFAFA for the background color, and #BCBEC0 for the horizontal rules.

Can I see an example of a Post? Right now that’s the thing I struggle with.

Things I’m looking for are:

  • Line breaks (Horizontal Rule),
  • Mentions / Block Quotes,
  • Code Segments (Preformatted Text),
  • Quotes

I’ll have all of those in this post so it’ll be faster for you to get a screen capture of it.

Hello @zystvan,

It looks quite pleasant! As I see you’ve used the following!

#FAFAFA /*Utilizing backticks*/


#BCBEC0 /*Utilizing indentation (Preformatted Text)*/

@lolman So you want block quotes, @mentions, and code segments all to be a little darker? I’ll see what I can do as soon as I can (probably sometime Monday), then screenshot it & show you :slight_smile:

Just as long as it’s clearly visible against the background. The biggest problem I feel after using the forums so much is that the break lines and back-ticks aren’t clearly definable against the back-ground color. So as long as that’s taken into account while you’re revamping the forums I’m not picky as to what it looks like :smiley:

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@lolman Here’s what I’ve got so far:

That looks good. The back-ticks are a little awkward simply due to being a highlight instead of a backdrop like the quotes and such. I’m not sure there’s anything you need to do with that to be honest. If you could also make the Horizontal Rule just a little bit bigger or darker that helps also, just because it blends into the background just a little bit. Thank you for taking my request so seriously!

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