Forums and blogs recommendations


Can you share blogs and boards you follow? Anything from places you go to find news relevant to coding, computing, data science, artificial intelligence/machine learning, info security, forums you go to troubleshoot and share, to other things I may not have listed that you think is cool.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my post! I hope to read yr recommendations and thoughts!

Hello @dev8162367363, welcome to the forums! There are a few sites that I visit often: these forums and stack overflow. Personally, I find coding-related forums useful for finding information out, and finding ways of doing things, as the descriptions provided are made by people, and are often explained. You will also find many different ways of doing the same thing, which helps increase your knowledge.

As for websites, W3Schools is quite good for checking syntax, or checking the use for a specific method. Geeks for Geeks is also another website that I use regularly, and it has a similar application to W3Schools, but I find it gives slightly more in-depth answers.

And then there’s also the language’s (whichever language(s) you want to find out about) docs which are very useful for learning syntax/built-in methods.
I hope this helps!

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If you’re into python, I like the podcast talk python to me.

IRC and discord can be pretty helpful too

thank you so much for these! can’t wait to check them out. i really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post and offer your suggestions and thoughts!

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thank you so much! looking forward to tuning into the python podcast! perfect.