[Forum] User profile avatar padding is off

Hi Codecademy’s community, I believe this issue is an old one and uncertain if someone has reported it before (if so, please assist me to flag out so I could remove this thread) but the UI was looking fine previously although now is not much of a problem still, just mainly on the aesthetics.

For the Post:

Summary of the report:

  • User profile avatar padding is off, previously the UI doesn’t have such glitch.

Course URL:

  • Generally exist in the forum, no specific url.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Click on any post thread, in the post itself where the padding of profile avatar is off.

Fix or Workaround:

  • Uncertain

Please attach screenshots

Screen real estate is expensive, especially on the horizontal axis. Somewhere an executive decision was made to compromise padding in favor of consistent rendering.


They opted to leave room for the shield, rather than have it crowd the textual content.

Will admit, there is still room for a 6-8px left margin on the avatar which would split the difference and look better, aesthetically. Padding is not the answer. Margin is. Never use padding, if you can avoid it, especially on the horizontal axis.