Forum Design


I would like to know if there is a template for designing or developing forums like this because many portals use similar forums, example: Webflow, codeacademy and many others which I recently witnessed…cant remember but there are bunch of them who use similar design for forums, so was curious to know if there exists a pre-built template?


Any WWW forum will be using a licensed platform.scaled to their user base. At a very minimum, we want a platform that can handle thousands of connections at any one time. After that it goes up by degrees. As we move up the scale the price of the license grows accordingly. The level of support may also increase with volume demand. Ultimately, this is not cheap.



Thanks for the detailed explanation.

So, taking this further, if you compare cost of this to a hard coded forum, how lot would be the overhead of maintaining and cost split? Could you give me insights on it?


That would be impossible. I’ve never built a forum before, only know that the going concerns are very expensive to keep afloat, secure and updated. There are a lot of moving parts and inveritably a team of engineers on staff to handle the heavy lifting.

That’s not to say there isn’t a way to create a small scale forum, I just don’t have any advice on how to go about it. One would at the very least require a domain, a host that offers nearly unlimited traffic, a secure site (https), a secure and well managed database, interactive forum software on the backend and the frontend, &c.


Ok, Thanks a lot for the information