Forum Badge Implies 239 ≥ 317

I was looking over the forum badges today when I noticed something peculiar…

Notice how Nice Share has been awarded 317 different times, but First Share has only been awarded to 239 different users. I understand that the Nice Share badge can be awarded multiple times, but, it seems quite unlikely, to me at least, that the amount of times an individual has shared a single post 25 times has eclipsed the amount of times an individual shared a post for the first time.

@aquaphoenix17 That count does appear unlikely at first, but “First Share” is actually not about sharing a link, but sharing a post. So links to Codecademy exercises and anything else that is not a post here on Discuss don’t count towards the count for that badge. “Nice Share” is about any link to anywhere however, and so it’ll apply to more people since posting links to exercises, search results, etc., is more common than sharing posts on here.

Also, I’ve been awarded that badge 35 times to date, and I post fewer links than some other users, so it seems quite possible that the count would be like that because of the differences in how the badges are applied :slight_smile:

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Ohhh, ok. That makes sense. But then again, ff that’s the case, then why isn’t it just called “Nice Link”?

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I didn’t name them, don’t ask me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ll if the other moderators have thoughts on it and if we should change it :slight_smile:


The badges “Nice Share” and “Good Share“ have been renamed to Nice Link and Good Link, respectively, as you can now see here:

If you have any other suggestions for changes, please let us know!