Forms - lesson broken? Even copy/paste answer won't take...? (Help)

Is the forms lesson broken? I’ve typed in the answer, copy/pasted from solution - no matter what I do it won’t let me advance, so I think maybe it’s broken??

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Hi, can you copy and paste the code you put (make sure to format it with </>?
Also copy/paste what the directions were. We might be better able to help you (and to see if it’s broken for sure).

Sometimes it’s just incredibly specific. I’ve definitely been frustrated in the past over it.

HTML Forms ![Davie's Burgers Logo](upload://pQE6kIDJ3Sll5mK7lXvze65W7cH.svg)

Welcome to Davie's Burgers

We're excited to have you here!

***That’s copy/pasted from the ‘solution’ tab of the exercise

If you click the link to the exercise you should be able to see and try everything…

Right, but the useful part for us to help you is the code itself… this bit for example:

<section id="overlay">
      <img src="" alt="Davie's Burgers Logo" id="logo">
      <!--Add your code below-->
    <!-- whatever is in here will help us determine why 
     it's not validating for you -->

It works ok for me, so the answer will probably lie in the input.

It’s very common for there to just be a missing </p> that the validator doesn’t like but that html will run anyway. So your code would work perfectly ok in a real setting, but the CC validator will think its wrong.

It is understandably frustrating (story of my life haha). But the specificity rails are good in the long-term to get better with programming.

I will say, there’s been several questions on this right now, so I went back and reset my completed exercise, hit “View Solution”, then copied their exact solution code and put it into the reset editor. This also did not work and returned the error No response received from the web browser so it’s pretty possible some people are having issues with the site.

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That’s strange. I just tried doing the same (going back, “failing”, copying the solution code they give back in and trying to validate)… and it works. Maybe it’s a browser related bug? If it’s a thing we should flag it for a potential bug.