Formatting with string methods


Can someone please help me figure out why my inputs aren't getting capitalized? It's allowing me to move to the next lesson but think I did something wrong because I expected the lowercase inputs to have the first letters capitalized. Thanks in advance!


We can see no output statements except the prompts for user input. Try adding a print statement at the end of your code to summarize all the inputs.

The reason "TX" prints to the display in the picturre is a response from the interpreter, not program instructed output. It can be ignored.

Lesson 1 gives an example for us to follow...

puts "Your name is #{first_name} #{last_name} and you're from #{city}, #{state}!"


@a_m_wilson just checking


Thanks! I meant outputs. My outputs aren't capitalized (first letter). @mtf


What about now? Are they displaying as expected?