Formatting Issues with CSS?



Okay, with that being said, it seems one of the best ways to learn is to ask questions. I made some adjustments to the page we have been working on. I made the grey bar at the top slightly transparent. However, it also made my logo slightly transparent. How can I get just the grey bar to be transparent?


The link element is never used in the body. This line should be in the HEAD.

<link href="|Roboto+Condensed|Alegreya:700" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/>

All of these lines contain errors…

<input class="portfolio" type="button" value="portfolio" oneclick=""
<input class="about" type="button" value="about" oneclick=""
<input class="contact" type="button" value="contact" oneclick=""

If what you want is a navigation menu then FORM is not the object to reach for. An UL is what fits the bill here.


There are many concerns that come before any scripting so I recommend you put that on a back burner and ignore it for now. Get the document structure to take shape before any other concerns. That means leave off the visual presentation, as well. Work up a valid HTML document and proceed from there.

You are too set on your own learn-as-you-go agenda and confounding me. It’s becoming difficult to work on this project under those conditions. I have no idea of what you understand, and can only speculate this to be an experiment of an uninformed user.


What deserves highest order ranking? A catch phrase? Or your brand name? I gave you a direction to follow that addressed this concern in the positive where search engine ranking is concerned and yet you chose to ignore it.

Bowing out from this project as I have nothing to offer.


I am sorry for making it more difficult for you. I sometimes get a little confused with some of the directions and miss some. I tend to get carried away when learning something new because it’s exciting.
Thank you for all the help!


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