Format Code button makes me miss a question

I’ve been doing the Full-Stack course and am learning JavaScript Arrays. In the lesson “Arrays with let and const”, when I was completing the questions, I accidentally clicked on the Format Code button in the code editor, and it automatically changed all of the ’ ticks to " ticks. When I attempted to run the code, it marked me as wrong, and I couldn’t figure out why until I viewed the solution and saw what had happened. When I switched the ticks back to 's, the program marked me as correct.

I think this is a pretty big problem since CodeCademy’s own tool caused me to be marked wrong, and had I not figured out what had happened, I might never have known what was causing me to get it wrong.

Thanks for raising this issue! I’ve let our curriculum team know so we can look into it!

Thanks for highlighting this point. Itll help to give a better UX to CodeCademy. Please share your suggestion directly to support members at: So that they can find instant solution it and no one will have to same this problem.