Form a Story - Unable to start the exercises


I’m currently trying to complete the Form a Story challenge. But it won’t even let me start. I have added my form tag to the code without any issues or error messages, but when I try to click “Start” nothing happens and I can’t see what to do next. Has anyone else experienced this or know what is going on?


This is a project so it won’t highlight what you did wrong, and you’ll need to check the boxes yourself once you think that you’ve successfully completed that task.
Clicking on “Save” just updates what gets rendered [what’s displayed].

If you get stuck, there is a “Project Walkthrough” video in the “Get Unstuck” menu.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I can’t event get to the part where i start checking boxes. As you can see in the image, I can’t start the project. The start button is disabled.

I don’t know whether that project is available for the free version of Codecademy.


You don’t do anything on the first page. You just press start. You didn’t read the instructions correctly.

Thanks for the useful answer! I imagine that might be the issue.

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