Form A Story Project - Stuck on step 8

I’m on step 8, where we are creating inputs and labels for the animal names… and when testing it, my “animal-2” appears on the test page just fine, but the other animal names keep showing up as “null”. I’ve cant seem to see any errors in the code, but ive included it. Any ideas where im going wrong?

<!--Add your form below:-->
      <form action="story.html" method="GET">
        <label for="animal-1">Animal:</label>
        <input id="animal-1" type="text" name="animal=1" required />
        <br />

        <label for="animal-2">Another Animal:</label>
        <input id="animal-2" type="text" name="animal-2" required />
        <br />

        <label for="animal=3">One More Animal:</label>
        <input id="animal=3" type="text" name="animal=3" required />
        <br />

        <input type="submit" value="Form My Story!" />

you put a = instead of a - in the name attribute.

Here, animal=1 should be animal-1 and so on.

thanks so much! Ive misplaced my glasses, and had trouble seeing the error!! I’ll find my glasses!

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