Fork option: shared link does not work

Hi There,

I love the new feature to fork your code and the option to share al link to the workspace. So now my ChoreDoor code doesnt work wel, I am trying to ask help from friends and in the Codecademy Facebookgroup. But they are having trouble with visiting this link. Now I made a seperate codepen. But I would like this feature to work!

Hmm, might have something to do with workspaces allowing code execution and therefore expecting users to have a codecademy account. I’m afraid I’m not sure if that’s WAI or not but I’ll see if anyone knows.

You can normally share things as github gists too, I don’t if the share button still does it but under Tools in the top right it still seems to be accessible on the last couple of lessons I’ve seen. Not quite the same but a potential alternative for now.

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Yes, I dit but then you have to share each file seperately, that’s why I made a Codepen. And it sounds logical to me that people have to sign in. Thank you.

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Ah yeah fair enough, I see what you mean about larger projects, gists would be impractical. As for CC workspaces though that is by design at the moment, in order to run the code they’d need an account.