Forget it


I asked something here, and no help was given.

II wanted to delete the topic… can’t do it.


you could use a loop, but even here there are multiple options

do you want the program to exit after valid input has been provided? Or you want to ask the user if they want to quit or run the program again?


It could be something like ‘press any key to try again’


the amount of times the loops need to run is unknown (you don’t know how many times the user will provide invalid input, if at all), so you want to use a while loop


Can’t I just give the user the option to hit any key to go back?


to the user using your program, you could make it appear that way, but under the hood, there needs to be a loop. So you need to implement a loop.


Yeap… but I can’t figure this loop out… what do I use? The code line? must I create an anchor?

I can’t figure this out.


why not?

a while loop

there are multiple ways to implement the solution, you can choice which you prefer

what do you mean by anchor?


Like HTML, and anchor that brings the page to a specific point.

I want to take the program to a specific code line.

I will research the while loop…



you can’t compare these things, jumping to a specific point in a graphical interface is very different from what you are trying here

you really have to get rid of this idea, if you hold on to this idea/concept, you won’t get to the solution.

i already mentioned the wile loop several replies ago:

although goto’s and labels exist in some languages (not python), you need a very good reason to pick goto over a loop


Ok man… I am new here, and I was trying to be very clear… but I don’t know if I am not being clear or you are just being too “advanced” for my primitive brain… so I will ask the same question in a much more simple way.

Hi people… I am VERY NEW to coding and I DON’T KNOW HOW TO SOLVE MY PROBLEM.

I am aware that I can’t compare a graphic interface with lines of code, I am not thaaaat stupid… I was just trying to make a parallel with what I need.

So… here goes the question:

How do you (anybody here) would write a piece of code that would throw the user (that inputed the wrong letter) back to the question line.

Be kind… instead of giving an answer like “you should use a quantic looping everlasting grid” just write a code and post it here.

thaaanks. love you all.


actually, that is a violation of the guidelines:

i perfectly know how to write the code, but you won’t learn much if i just give you the solution. Besides, writing code solution is what programmers get paid for, which is very different from helping. Programmers are generally very generous when it comes to helping, but the person receiving the help should be eager to learn and not except the solution to be provided to him.

i can help you figure out the while loop, although you have to do most of the heavy lifting.

so if this is to advanced for you at the moment, i recommend progressing with the course first, the while loop will be taught, and you can come back here to implement it :slight_smile:


Jesus… thats and exercise from the course…

Thanks stetim… you helped me with ZERO knowledge…

If you don’t know the code… you could just ignore the topic.

Thanks man!


take a look at my forum activity, i helped many people (even with more advanced topics within the python course and other languages), i perfectly know the code. But i explain in my answer why i am not giving it to you

as moderator, i can’t. One of the moderators duty is to moderate the forum.


you could have helped me with one message… I would have helped you with one message.

You chose to give me 30 evasive messages.

Think about that.

Good evening.


i could have, but that is missing the point

i thought about it, and i think its the right choice.

If you disagree, you can flag one of the replies in the topic, the other moderators can review it.


I am not trying to fight you… or get you flagged… I was very happy to learn coding… not so happy about it anymore.

Thanks to your methods.


flagging is not about fighting :wink:

sorry to hear that, i do hope you can continue your programming journey :slight_smile:

Feel free to make another topic/post (so not a reply in this topic), maybe someone else can help you better and you get motivated for your coding journey again


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Maybe something like… ‘while’ answer is not equal to blah, do what is in the brackets.
The do could be to call the code that runs the while loop???