Forcing Windows Smartass to accept my actual default and default communication audio device

I’m learning C# via this site’s tutorial and this would be my first opportunity to make use of it with an actual project.
Due to my inexperience, I am not sure how to get started, though.

I’ll describe the problem I want to solve first:
Since I record videos, I use a virtual audio cable and VoiceMeeter to split my audio streams. This also means that I need to designate these two as my default and default communication audio devices.

Windows has the unfortunate habit of changing this manual selection any time I plug in another USB audio device, especially my headphones. It does not matter that it already knows this device. This also means that I need to switch which device it should use after a reboot, for example.

After some searching, I came across this documentation for a DeviceWatcher, which seems like it might be the thing I need.

How do I go about using this? And should I even use Javascript or Typescript? Or should I be using AutoIt or a PowerShell script? Should I be creating a Task for this? Is there some sort of event I can check for to trigger a script to return the settings? I have questions!

Thanks for any help. :slight_smile: