For your A


I did exactly what I was told to do, so what's the system picking up that's wrong?


nowhere in the instructions is mention of elif and that you need to delete spaces?

from the instructions:
If char is an 'A' or char is an 'a', print 'X', instead of char. Make sure to include the trailing comma.

the trailing comma will add the spaces, so no need for you to add the spaces


Sorry for including this version of my code, those were all experimental workarounds to see if I could somehow get it to work by some other method. I tried.

Here's the initial code I created that did not work.

I guess I completely grazed over the whole "trailing commas" thing, I got it to work. I'm good at making stupid mistakes.

Thanks for the help.


the trailing comma's are important to print the output on a single line, rather then separate lines, quit useful. Good you solved it :slight_smile: