For what version of Node do actual developers code?

I would like to ask a specific question and, if possible, receive a specific answer.

In a real-world scenario, for what version of Node do actual developers code? Is there any standard gap between the current version that you’re supposed to take into account when you develop?

Background: The reason for this question is this is the second time in a couple of weeks that after working on a project/challenge and finding a way/solution, I try it in Visual Studio Code with the varied examples and it works. I try it in the browser console and it works, too. Now, when I try it in the CodeCademy environment, it throws an error that seems related to incompatibility of the version (of Node in the back end of CodeCademy). Maybe there’s something obvious that I am not seeing or not aware of.

Looking forward to hearing some specific, on-topic insight.

Thanks in advance future colleagues! :slight_smile:

I guess I will answer myself here :slight_smile:

I am supposing that you (and/or the company you work for, should that be the case) install the preferred Node version in the server or otherwise if your server is not so customizable, then you have to adapt to the Node version they offer.

That’s my supposition though. I guess I’ll find out eventually.