For the Threadly post, how would you get the display to show up on other peoples pages?

so, i have the base jquery and extra, but how would i get the program to display the text on anothers computer?
any help tips or code would be greatly appreciated!

you can use jquery to add or remove things from a webpage, so you need people to visit your webpage. If you just want to show of your work, there are plenty of sites (jsbin, jsfiddle, codepen) to show of your skills, don’t forget to include jquery, most of these sites have options to include jquery

Thanks for the help, but i think i am on a different page but i mean, So for example on live chat servers, how does it display for everyone?

That is complicated, i think you need ajax and a server side language, and if you really want something fast i think you need C/C++. This is super complicated.

You can use ajax to update all the pages. Ajax is part of javascript