For the Full-Stack Engineer Path, why isn't HTML taught first?

I’m thrilled with how CodeAcademy lays out the coursework. The lessons are easy to understand and the hands-on exercises really help solidify the material I just learned.

My only feedback/question is, why isn’t HTML taught first for the Full-Stack Engineer Path?

Apologies if this has already been answered.

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I was also wondering this same thing and would like to add why this path doesn’t teach HTML AND CSS first prior to JavaScript. Thank you for asking this!

Sorry, I don’t know the answer…

Just wanted to let you know you can learn in a different order to how it’s laid out if you want - start with the HTML & CSS first if you’re keen to do that.

From what I can see, lots of ‘full-stack’ programs do start with the programming (JavaScript or another object-orientated- programming-language). Probably because full-stack development is more OOP focused, so programming is fundamental.

The ‘front-end’ path does it the other way around, starting with HTML & CSS. There’s a lot of overlap between the two courses (I’ve been following front-end path, am at 71%, and that has equated to 64% of the full-stack course).

So if you have a preference to start with HTML & CSS you might want to start with the front-end path and then do the extra stuff in the full-stack path afterwards.

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Thanks Luci, this is helpful!

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