For Software Engineers (Best Language)

Hello, I am currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and want to become a Software Engineer. I’ve been exposed to Java, JS, HTML5, CSS, Python, Git, SQL. As of right now, Java is my favorite language to code. I was just curious for the Software Engineers out there, what is the best language to start to pursue going into my first job out of college?


Java, because as of 2016 stats show it is still growing and a lot of software companies use Java so the outlook is probably there i myself(15 yrs of age) am currently learning Java through self study.

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Software Enginer? Depends… Do you want to become a Front End Developer? Back End Developer? Senior Developer? Or other?

Options For the three i listed

Front End Developer:
If you want to be a front end i would guess HTML/CSS… If you want to go deep you can go to SCSS/SASS or LESS. You can even choose Javascript Frameworks like Angular.js . And Many more im probably not aware of…

Back End Developer:
There is many options for this… You can go into PHP/MYSQLI , Or Node.js with Angular Node bieng the backend… Express.Js, Php Frameworks Including Laravel… MEAN.IO/ MEAN.JS… MongoDB For your Database. And much more im not aware off.

Senior Developer:
To be a senior developer im preety sure you have to be Really good with Back End and Front End.

And Much more types of Developers im not aware off…

I would highly reccomend you go here