For Q1- how to pass?


The quest is to select 10 rows. Is it conditional? I mean any 10 rows? So I tried to make a desc of column 1, and select the top 10 of id. But it won't pass the Q1. I dont understand, if there's any conditional "10 rows", please notice me .


Use the select statement to view ten rows in the flights table.

select * from flights where id > 19739;


Tried again using the following sentence

select * from flights limit 10;<<

can not done neither,

really don't know what to do with the 1st excise,



The first one relies on the data to provide ten results, so it's unreliable.
The second one should pass. Although, you wrote two extra characters after the semi-colon, and that's not valid syntax so maybe you aren't passing because that's also in your code.


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