For Programmers courses for JavaScript and Python 3

I’ve recently completed the Python and Intermediate Python courses and have moved to the JavaScript course to start learning some front-end development.

I’m really liking the course so far and think it’s great for beginners, but I wish there was an accelerated course to just teach the idiosyncrasies of JavaScript to someone who is familiar with the concepts.

I know that these courses exist for Java and C++ and just thought it would be a great idea for some other popular languages as well

The only problem I envision here is with learners jumping the queue and skipping the fundamentals. They end up in the forums in a state of total confusion and blame it on the course.

When learning any language it is best to start from scratch. That is the only way to really pick up on the nuances, or ‘idiosyncrasies’, as every language will have those in some form or another, especially scripting languages that are not compiled into executables. It may seem trivial or banal, but treat it as one would any important detail. A little practice, even with the simple stuff, never hurt anybody.


I get that, and that’s what I’m in the middle of doing. It does feel like I’m rehashing a lot of things, but the practice does help cement the differences between the languages.