For Loops, Backwards


Can someone please tell what is wrong to my code, I mean it’s printing the way it should be but the system cannot accept my code.

let vacationSpots = ['boracay','cebu','palawan'];

for( let vacationSpotIndex = vacationSpots.length; vacationSpotIndex >= 0; vacationSpotIndex --    ){
        console.log('I would love to visit' + ' ' +  vacationSpots[vacationSpotIndex]);

Please post a link to the exercise, as well as any error messages. Thanks.

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Here is the link

The error says “Did you log the vacation spot to the console?”

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Is there any error in console window?

I’m guessing you might be getting an index out of range error? There is no element,

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I tried it too but it does not work either. I have been stucked from here since yesterday and cant figure out what could be the problem.

One way to deal with this…

const arr = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9]

for (let i = arr.length; i > 0; i--) {
    console.log(arr[i - 1]);

Note the conditional. > 0. We do not want it to equal zero since we are subtracting in the subscript. When i is 1, the index we access will be [0].

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Thank you for the help! let me try that one out…


Work out the mechanics, then substitute in the expected variable names.


I like this example much better than the example that the “for Loops Backwards” lesson suggests (Lesson page 4/8). Is there any way you could change the example ? This is much easier to read and understand.

In some world that I don’t completely understand, long, verbose variable names are supposed to be self-documenting the code. Maybe that is true, though like yourself, I prefer to think through the code and gain my own understanding of it. We can still self-document (with appropriate naming) without exaggerating the obvious, in my view.

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Do you actually have a space between your index variable and the unary --? Or is that just the formatting being goofy? If there is a space, try taking it out. Unaries don’t take space on each side, unlike the other operators.

“… vacationSpotIndex – )”

Hope it works out!

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