For beginners: cannot get enough practice before moving to a next topic

I am moving from one level to another but don’t seem to get any practice on the concepts learned. The exercises and quizzes are very basic and too easy. So by the time I move to a next topic, I have not mastered what I learned in the previous lesson. Am I missing something and is there any way to make the needed practice>?

Hi there.

If you’re a Pro subscriber, most of the courses also have stand-alone projects along the way to test how well you’ve understood the material in the lesson you’re doing.

Aside from that, there’s nothing to stop you from using what you’ve learned locally on your own computer. For example, if you’re learning HTML you can grab a code editor like Visual Studio Code and start building pages. Similarly, if you were learning Python, you can install it and practice what you’ve learned.


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Hi, I’m on Basics of Programming III, I suppose exercises and practice will come later?
How can I apply the concepts to my mac computer?

Thanks for advising

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