Food for thought: What are the numbers for all 4 teams?

Greetings, This question seems to have been misunderstood. To provide some context, let’s look at the previous questions and analyse the key words.

Statement ONE
You’re trying to divide a group into four teams.

Statement TWO
All of you count off, and you get number 27. (you are assigned number 27)

Statement THREE & FOUR
Find out your team by computing 27 modulo 4. Save the value to my_team . Answer, my_team = (27 % 4)

Statement FIVE
Print out my_team . Answer, print (my_team)

Statement SIX
Food for thought: what number team are the two people next to you (26 and 28) on? Answer,

print(26 % 4)
print(28 % 4)

What are the numbers for all 4 teams? Note the question did not ask what team numbers are people assigned to!

It was never stated how many people there are in total.

So a number of folks have been trying to compute based on this misunderstanding …

What the question is asking you to provide are the numbers (basically the names) for all four teams.

So the answer would logically be since we have already determined the other names (numbers) of the teams and if you follow the sequence 3, 2, 0 - the only team name (number) missing, is 1.

Therefore, the answer is 3, 2, 1, 0

print(0, 1, 2, 3)

Do you have a link to the lesson/course? Are you reporting a bug or do you have a course suggestion?

Also, it’s helpful to post formatted code so others can read it.

Hi, I was referring to this thread, since it is closed I could not contribute my answer so hence my post. I did not format the code because the answers are written exactly as they are in the course - Introduction to Python Fundamentals - lesson - Modulo 11/15.

Even stating the obvious is lost on learners who insist on calling their own shots. What you describe above has been explained numerous times and just ignored. We can drag this dead horse around for five more years with no expected effect. It’s the old, “there are 10 kinds of people who understand binary” all over again. When all you’ve ever used in maths class is a calculator, remainders are a complete mystery.

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Thank you for your insightful comments…much appreciated.

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this is my answer!
my_team = 3 ( 27 % 4 )
other_team =2 ( 26 % 4 )
other_team =0 ( 28 % 4 )
“misisng_team =1 ( 29 % 4 )”