Fonts, lesson 2: Fonts family


The instruction says that i have to change the main heading and the subheading to font family Georgia.

In the explanation it says following: "When the name of a typeface consists of more than one word, it must be enclosed in double quotes (otherwise it will not be recognized), like so:"

So in h1 and h2 i wrote following: Font-family: "Georgia";

This was seen as a mistake and after multiple attempts i recieved the code which said following: Font-family: Georgia;

What i was wondering was if what i was doing is wrong and if so why?



Hi @thragmag,

Thanks for posting! Try changing your syntax to font-family, as I believe that is what is read. If this doesn't help, make sure you are properly referencing the h1 and h2 with their selectors.

If that doesn't work, please post your code, and a link to the lesson in question. :slight_smile:


Does it say using only one block? If so, it'd be more like


You only use "" when the font family name has TWO words as in "Courier New". Georgia is ONE word. Therefore, you write it: font-family: Georgia;

Hope you had figured it out by today :slight_smile:


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