This lesson absolutely drove me mad!!!
Where in the world would the creator of this one get this???
And can I kick someone?
Not only do I have an issue with questions being marked wrong every now and then due to z-scaler not liking it, but then this??? Where in the lesson before this question does it tell you that it will be 2 dots, count em, 2 and THEN the url?
The relative path for Glegoo-Regular.ttf is


That looks like three dots.

./file.ext    =>  current directory

../file.ext   =>  one level up

.../file.ext  =>  no such directory

you are correct, I added a third by mistake. It is a habit to put 3 dots.

And please let me apologize for the manner in which this question was asked.
Frustration should never be a reason for me to be rude.
Thank you for clarifying what that means.
Is there somewhere in the tutorial that I missed where this is explained?

I love these lessons and so far this was the only one that frustrated me.

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