Fonts, 5/16 Using Google Fonts


I have been practicing everything I learn on code editor sublime and them previewing it in my browser. Adding a link for a google font in this exercise worked, but it didnt work when I try to do it directly in sublime.

I copy and paste the link from google font, and add the type="text/css" because for some reason it is not included in the examples on google font. Then I add it into my css file.

I only get to see the sans-serif or whatever else I add as a fall back font instead of the actual font I linked.

Any ideas why this might be happening?


Codecademy teaches this in a specific way and having not done it in a while, don't remember it. However, Google's font API has instructions on how to do that found here. If you want to do it outside of Codecademy, I'd recommend looking through something like that. Hope this helps.


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