Font weight


My code is saying that I haven't made the font-weight of the paragraph bold, however I am certain that I have. Any idea why it is saying I haven't made the paragraph bold?

p {
  font-family:Roboto, sans-serif;
  color: AliceBlue;
  line-height: 1.7em;
  text-align: left;
  width: 100%;


Your code looks fine refresh the page and try again


I'm getting the same issue - same code, and it keeps asking me if I have set the font-weight to bold. It won't let me progress (the "Get Code" button isn't working, and it won't reset either). Additionally, it looks bold in the preview pane - so it's acting on it, but the system won't accept it and I can't go forward.


Use the port button to report the bug (report button on the lesson)..

I would suggest logging out and logging in again or using another browser


I have the same issue, same lesson, same step. Submitted a bug report. Tried two different computers, IE 11, Firefox 47, Firefox 49 once updated. Won't move forward. "Get Code" won't work either.


For those lessons, I choose Google Chrome and I've more accept response.

Try it in version 64 bits (only for user with windows 7 and more)


I did try restarting it - and I submitted an "report the bug". I was able to clear it with Chrome, but I don't have that available on my current machine. I've run into the issue with the Image section as well, and I reported the bug there as well.

In neither case could I reset the lesson. It just spun and spun.


Yep, Chrome worked for me.


yes. Chrome works. run in Chrome only


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