Font-style, font-family and font-weight


How do i know what element to use for what attribute?

I mean for bold attribute font-weight is used, but for italic font-style is used… and font-family for other fonts… I’m confused. Please help!


the ones you use often you will remember, the rest you can find in documentation (MDN has good documentation)

if programming was about remembering, computers would have beaten the humans long ago. The computers haven’t beaten us yet


Ty, but that not was not helpful at all. I’m just confused. You say you’ll remember than you say if programming was about remembering than computers and blah. .blah… but programming is kinda about first understanding then remembering.


yes, the one you use often will stick in your memory.

Standard you use documentation, then over time for certain properties/tags you will remember

understanding is important indeed, remembering is not really important. That is what we have documentation for


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