Font Size


So I am trying to do the font size and everytime I get the following error:Did you set the first paragraph's font-size to 10px? It looks like it's 16px. (If you're getting a weird decimal font size, check the Hint.)

<!DOCTYPE html>
    		<title>First font size change</title>
    		<p p style="font-size: 10px;"> Some text for you to make tiny! </p>
    		<p p style="font-size: 20px;"> Some text for you to make normal size!</p>
    		<p p style="font-size: 40px;"> Some text for you to make super big!</p>


works fine, seems you hit a glitch. Try a different browser


Hi Jason,

You can't have this:

<p p style="">

There's just one p between the angle brackets (<>). I think fixing that will solve your error :)


I've changed the color and size of the "header" per the instructions and it's still saying that the size is wrong. What do I do?


post your code so i can help you


Thank you so much! It told me to do what I had already tho. But if it works, it works.