hello, i hope you can help me with this, the font size of the window where you write the code is too small and i have no idea how to fix it. zooming the browser doesn’t solve this, to barely see what i’m writting i have to zoom like 500%.
i’m adding a screen capture in case you don’t get what i’m trying to say, cause it’s hard to describe. thank you!!

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There really should be no reason your text is that small. Try using a different browser, or looking in your browser’s settings for something that might override default font size.

i tried chrome, firefox, even explorer… it happens in ANY area where you write code, it also happens in tumblr.

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@mariagreg I can zoom in on the Codecademy interface in Firefox. In your screenshot, it doesn’t look like anything, even the instructions, is zoomed in. If you press Ctrl + in the interface, does it not change?


I’m trying to think of what could be wrong, something in your computer settings, a plug-in, I have no clue what the matter is. I do however have an idea that could make the text bigger so you can read it.

This probably isn’t really a “fix”, but it’s the first idea I got that should change the size of your text. It’s might look complicated, but it’s easier than it looks. :slight_smile:

Right-click on the text area, click “Inspect Element”. A white box filled with loads of code will come on your screen, but don’t worry, you won’t need to do much. In the top of the white box, 5th from the left, there should be a button that looks like { } … that’s the Stylesheet Editor.

Find the box filled with code, scroll down a little until you find this

@keyframes spinner {
from {
to {

Under it paste this bit of code

  • {
    font-size: 16px;

That code should make the font size of ALL text to a normal reading size. You can close the Inspector and continue. If it’s just this page that does this to you, then you should be fine for all the future lessons, if all the lessons do this, then you can do this for every page. Unfortunately that will be annoying, so keep trying to figure out what the problem is.

Good luck! :grinning:

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Bumping for people who just switched to Ubuntu/linux.

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